Highest ever percentage of women on state sector boards

women board meeting

Women’s Minister Paula Bennett has today announced that the Government has reached its target of appointing 45 per cent of women to state sector boards and committees, the highest percentage ever.

“The government set this target in 2011 and now we’ve reached 45.3 per cent of women on state sector boards. This has been a priority for us and I’m now determined to not only maintain this level but increase it even further,” Mrs Bennett says.

“Research shows the benefits of gender diversity on boards. It’s important the state sector leads by example. I’m now challenging the private sector to catch up. The boards of NZX-listed companies still only have 17 per cent women and that’s quite frankly not good enough.

“There’s still more work to be done in the state sector but this is a real milestone. We need to continue to encourage and support women into leadership roles. I encourage all New Zealand organisations to strive for greater diversity in their workforce and leadership,” Mrs Bennett said.

The proportion of female directors on the boards of NZX-listed companies is down compared with this time last year.

However, the ratio of female officers at the same companies has increased.

The data, released by the stock exchange operator in April, captures all firms who released their annual report in the first three months of this year.

Disclosures from these companies reveal that 87 per cent of their directors are male while 13 per cent are female.

This is a lower proportion to the same period last year, when women made up 14 per cent of directors.

The gender stocktake of State sector boards and committees is undertaken annually by the Ministry for Women. It counts the Ministerial appointments to state sector boards and committees as at 31 December 2016.