Soon you’ll be able to announce your pregnancy using an emoji

Yip. Your emoji world is about to get a lot bigger with seventy two new emojis about to make their way to your phone.

72 new emoji
Image: Emojipedia

There will be no need to try and dream up an original internet breaking pregnancy announcement.  You’ll simply be able to use the new pregnancy emoji.

And for the clean eating avocado lovers there’s the new avocado and green salad emoji’s.

avocado emoji
IMAGE: Emojipedia
green salad emoji
IMAGE: Emojipedia

Even New Zealand’s national fruit has been officially recognised in the land of Emoji with the new kiwifruit emoji. Although I’m not sure how often I would ever use it.

kiwifruit emoji
IMAGE: Emojipedia

There are a number of new emojis to bring about gender balance including a dancing man, groom and prince.  But the cutest, is the addition of Mother Christmas.

mother christmas emoji
IMAGE: Emojipedia

On a serious side note, there was a plan to release a rifle emoji. However, after both Microsoft and Apple objected (according to Buzzfeed, Apple said they won’t allow the emoji on their devices), the rifle was scrapped. Thank you Microsoft and Apple.

Watch the video to see all of the sweet emojis coming to your phone soon.